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Cycling Trip in Italian Alps

Cycling Trip in Italian Alps

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We start the hike in the charming town of Vipiteno, visit the capital of South Tyrol, Bolzano, and cycle along the Isarco Valley along the Adige River. After joining the Trentino region, we stay overnight in the regional capital, Trento, and explore the impressive old town. We travel to Lake Garda, enjoy the Mediterranean climate, visit the surroundings of the lake. We take a bus to the ski resort of Madonna di Campiglio, and from here we cycle down the river on the cycle paths through the mountain valley to Lake Garda.

Route map:

5 nights in a hotel, 3 nights in an apartment.
The trip is independent, the items are transported in bags on bicycles, the maps and trail markings are specially prepared for this trip.

Day 1. Saturday
7:00 p.m. we are leaving Vilnius by minibus. After the trip through Lithuania and Poland at about 9 p.m., we stop to rest in a hotel on the Polish-German border.

Day 2. Sunday
8:00 p.m. we leave by bus for Italy. After crossing Germany and Austria, crossing the Brenner crossing, at about 7 p.m. we reach the town of Vipiteno – a shortstop for a respite before a spectacular acquaintance with the Italian Alps. We are staying at the hotel, preparing for tomorrow’s hike.

Day 3. Monday
“In South Tyrol between Vipiten and Bolzano” 10:00. we cycle from the hotel. Starting from Vipiten (948 m above sea level), we easily cycle along the bike path, which is located on the site of the old railway. The road leads down the river all the time down. After passing several charming villages of South Tyrol, we stop to see the fortress of Forteza, where the Nazi gold was hidden, Lake Varna, where two rivers flow, we visit the Hofburg Palace in Bressanone (559 m above sea level) and have lunch. The first day of the bike ride is around 6 p.m. we end in the capital of South Tyrol, Bolzano (262 m above sea level). Bolzano’s medieval architecture against the backdrop of mountains will fascinate everyone who visits. Overnight at hotel. Route: Vipiteno – Thumburg – Tasso Castle – Stilves – Mezzaselva – Fortezza – Lake Varna – Varna – Bressanone – Chiusa – Gardena – Colma – Campodazzo – Prato all’Isarco – Cardano – Bolzano Distance: 77 km; Driving time: 6-7 hours; Road surface: 100% asphalt; Height difference: – 686 m / +210 m; Techn. level: easy. Map:

Day 4. Tuesday
“Trentino. Adige River Valley ”10:00 by bike from the hotel. Today we travel to the capital of the Trento-Trentino region. The bike path connecting Bolzano with Trento stretches along the Isarco Valley along the wide, fast-flowing, life-filled Adige River. As the road leads down, the thought will not be difficult. Along the way, there are many specially equipped resorts for cyclists, where you can find water columns, comfortable benches with tables. In the valley we will cross large areas of apple trees and vineyards, smaller towns will be 1-2 km away from the bike path, we will find information stands directing to them. About 6 p.m. after 64 km, we will stay overnight at a hotel in Trento (190 m above sea level). In the evening, it is worth visiting Trento Cathedral and its square, the Fountain of Neptune, Buonconsiglio Castle, and a cozy restaurant to taste the masterpieces of Italian cuisine. Route: Bolzano – Ponte – Ora / Auer – Salorno / Salurn – San Michele all’Adige – Trento Distance: 64 km; Driving time: 5-6 hours. Road surface: 100% asphalt; Height difference: -72 / + 30m; Tech. level: easy. Map:

Day 5. Wednesday
“Trentino Emerald-Lake Garda” 11:00. we cycle from the hotel. After saying goodbye to Trento, we turn onto a bike path along the Adige River and ride it to Rovereto (204 m above sea level). After looking around Rovereto’s old town, we continue to Mori, from here we turn into the mountains and climb 15 km towards the San Giovanni pass (272 m above sea level). From the crossing we head to Torbole, we reach the largest lake in Italy – Garda, on the coast, we drive to the town of Riva del Garda. About 4 p.m. we are staying in an apartment in Torbole (65 m above sea level). In the evening, we burn candles, taste wine, and count the stars on the lakeshore. Route: Trento – Rovereto – Mori – Torbole – Riva del Garda Distance: 46 km; Driving time: 4-5 hours. Road surface: 100% asphalt; Height difference: -125m / + 110m; Technical level: medium Map:

Day 6. Thursday
“Around Lake Garda” 10 am we take a bus to the Ville Canale, a stone town built in the Middle Ages. After visiting the impressive town, returning to Torbole, we choose our favorite pastime: reading a book on the lakeshore, swimming, sunbathing, exploring the shops, cycling to the nearby Monte Brione 340 m high mountain or the cycle path in the valley of the river Sarca to Caved. In the afternoon, around 6 pm, cruise passengers take a ferry to Malcesine (EUR 7 one way). Everyone else is taking a bus to Malcesine. Route: Torbole – Ville Canale – Malcesine Distance: 0 km; Driving time: 0 hours. Road surface: 100% asphalt; Height difference: 0m; Technical level;

Day 7. Friday
“Pick up the beauty of the highlands” At 10 p.m. by bus we head towards Madonna di Campiglio. After 80 km and climbing to Campo Carlo Magno (1650 m), we change our bikes and go through Madonna di Campiglio to S.Antonio di Mavigniola (1123 m). From here we turn on the paved path towards Pinzolo visiting Nardis Waterfall. From Pinzolo (770 m) a bike path leads along the river, always down. While rolling in the Val Rendena valley, we will be able to breathe the cleanest air to the will, graze our eyes on the most beautiful mountains, see the Adamelo Glacier at the top, and stop to relax in the resorts specially equipped for cyclists. After reaching the town of Ragoli on the bike path, we will turn onto the old, low-traffic road and climb up to the town of Stenico. From here we will fly down the old road to the bridge behind Terme di Comano. After a little more drive on the main road, we will turn back to the bike path that will lead us high above the canyon of the river Sarca to the town of Sarche. From the Sarche bike path, we return to Torbole. Note: halfway (42 km from the starting point) near the town of Ragoli, there will be a bus waiting for you to reach Torbole. – Stenico – Terme di Comano – Sarche – Arco – Riva del Garda – Torbole Distance: 78 km; Duration: 6 hours; Road surface: 95% asphalt, 5% gravel; Min. height: 55m. Max height: 1650 m; Techn. Level: Easy Map:

Day 8. Saturday
10 a.m. we say goodbye to Garda and move towards Lithuania. Travel by bus through the lands of Italy, Austria, and Germany. Overnight at a hotel in Poland.

Day 9. Sunday
8 p.m. we move from the hotel. We cross Poland and at about 8 p.m. we return to Vilnius.

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