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Medical expenses insurance. Valid when you incur expenses during a trip due to the provision of medical care in the event of an acute illness or injury. The insurance will cover transportation by medical transport to the nearest medical institution, treatment in it, prescribed medication, dental care, emergency care in case of pregnancy complication, transportation to Lithuania with a medical escort for further inpatient treatment, accompanying person’s trip (transporting the insured to Lithuania for further inpatient treatment) repatriation of those left without adult supervision, repatriation of remains.

Travel document insurance. The insurance will cover the purchase of a lost passport, travel tickets, driving license, vehicle documents or their duplicates abroad.

Personal liability insurance. The insurance will cover damage that you may accidentally cause to the health, life or property of a third party (for example, if you accidentally injure someone while skiing).

Accident insurance. If you are injured, become disabled or die as a result of an accident during the trip, the insurance pays the amount stipulated in the contract.
Sports activities and inventory insurance. If you are unable to play sports during the trip due to an acute illness or injury, your sports equipment has been stolen, the insurance will cover the residual value of sports equipment rental, stolen rented or own winter equipment.

Vehicle damage and hijacking insurance. If you are unable to continue the trip because your car was stolen or damaged during the traffic accident, the insurance will cover the costs of your additional accommodation or return to Lithuania.

Travel connection insurance. If it happens that one plane is delayed and you do not catch up with another, the insurance will cover costs that will not be covered by the tour operator, such as changing tickets / purchasing new ones, additional accommodation costs.

Baggage insurance. If your luggage is delayed for more than 12 hours abroad, the insurance will cover the costs of purchasing the items you need most (eg hygiene products), not exceeding the sum insured. If your luggage is not delivered within 21 days from the transportation schedule, according to the provided purchase receipts, the insurance, within the limits of the sum insured, will indemnify for your financial losses that will not be covered by the carrier or tour operator.

Missed, interrupted travel insurance. If due to the reasons specified in the insurance contract, you are unable to go on a pre-planned and paid trip, the insurance will reimburse you for the amount you have already paid for the trip, after deducting the deduction provided in the insurance contract and the tour operator’s refund.

If you are forced to interrupt your trip due to an acute illness or the death of close relatives, the insurance will cover your expenses for services that have been paid for in advance but have not been used as a result of the interruption (eg hotel accommodation or excursions).

Contact the agency for the exact insurance prices.
The price depends on the age of the travellers, the type of insurance, the destination of the destination, and other parameters.

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