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About us

Tour operator “VILDORA” since 1992. organizes and offers you cognitively, recreational trips in Lithuania, abroad, distant lands, skiing, trips for students, groups, camps and provides other additional services.

Airline tickets – we will take care of your travel tickets; Visas – we arrange the necessary documents for visas to many countries of the world;

Individual tours – we will create a tour that is right for you;

Travel for groups – we will create a route or find a hotel that is right for your group;

Guide services – we cooperate with professional guides who are ready to help you;

Travel insurance – we will insure your trip, health, inventory;

Travel by installments – we will offer you the most suitable option for travel by installments.

Our partners and tour operators:



Algirdo g. 41, LT-03216 Vilnius, Lithuania


+370 52 162 836 | +370 633 20002


+370 52 163 498


Work hours

I – IV 9 – 18, V 9 – 17


UAB ``Vildora`` | AB SEB bank: LT 177044060000919158 | Company code: 121580237 | VAT code: LT215802314

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