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Havana – Pinar Del Rio – Vinales – El Indio Caves – Cojimar – El Morro Fortress – Cienaga De Zapata – Crocodile Farm – Guam Indian Village – Cienfuegos – Ancon – Trinidad – Topes De Collantes – Santa Clara – Varadero – Havana


During the trip the bus goes ~ 1400 Km.

Day 1
Flight: Vilnius – European city – Havana. You fly to Havana, the capital of Cuba. Once you have completed the entry formalities at the airport, you will head to the hotel. Overnight at a hotel in Havana.

Day 2
Breakfast. You start your acquaintance with this wonderful country from old Havana. At every step, you feel what a living story this country is. The old part of the city is full of museums, art galleries, churches, historical monuments, and colonial buildings. Antique cars made in the 1940s and 1950s are rolling the streets. There are no fewer small cafes and pubs, where the sounds of temperamental music are live even during the day. Stroll through the four squares of the old town, visit the famous Havana Club rum museum, where you will listen to an interesting story about the history and production process of Cuban rum. Excursion by bus around the modern part of Havana: the majestic Capitol, Revolution Square, Malekon Avenue. In the evening there is free time to walk around the old town. Overnight at a hotel in Havana.

Day 3
Breakfast. A trip to the province of Pinar del Rio, which is almost 75 percent. arable land is occupied by tobacco plantations. This is where the best tobacco is grown and the best cigars are made. You visit a tobacco factory where you learn the history of tobacco production and see how much work the locals put in before the tobacco leaf turns into a cigar in your hands. You are going to perhaps the most beautiful place on the island – Vinales National Park, where there is particularly lush vegetation and an abundance of cone-shaped hills of various sizes, called mogoths, overgrown with trees and shrubs. Vinales Valley is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. You stop at Los Jasmines Observation Deck, which offers great views across the valley. In Vinales you can explore the square and the church. You look at a huge 120m long drawing on one of the mogoths on the side depicting the theory of evolution. Lunch. In the afternoon you go to the most beautiful place in the valley – the caves of El Indio. Boating in the river. You return to Havana in the evening. Overnight at a hotel in Havana.

Day 4
Breakfast. You are heading to the port-village of Cojimar, where Ernest Hemingway kept his ship in the pier in the 1940s and 50s. The picturesque pier became a prototype of a fishing village in the short story “Old and the Sea”. Visit Finca La Vigia – Hemingway House-Museum. You are heading to the fortress of El Morro, which offers wonderful views of the entire city. The fortress was built between 1589 and 1630 to protect the port of Havana. A little later, the first lighthouse built in Cuba was connected to the fortress. You head to Havana’s Old Town, where you visit the Floridita Bar, where Hemingway loved spending time with friends. Sample his favorite cocktail, Daiquiri (at an additional cost). Free time in the afternoon. In the evening, we offer the most famous Tropicana show in Cuba (at an additional cost). It has been since 1939. an open-air show telling the story of Cuban music: lots of dancers, colorful costumes, and, of course, a rum to treat all the guests of the evening. Overnight at a hotel in Havana.

Day 5
Breakfast. You are going to Cienaga de Zapata. Cienaga de Zapata Park is the largest wetland in Cuba. UNESCO has declared a Biosphere Reserve. You are visiting a crocodile farm, where according to 1962. a specially designed program for the breeding and rearing of two endangered species of crocodiles. It was the first nature conservation program created by the revolutionary government. Ironically, you can also buy a small crocodile here or taste a crocodile steak. You are sailing to an artificial Indian village in the middle of Lake Guam. You continue your journey to the city of Cienfuegos, known as the pearl of southern Cuba. It is one of the most beautiful cities in Cuba, located on the Gulf of Cienfuegos, discovered by Columbus during his second trip to Cuba (1494). Both history and architecture testify to the strong French influence in the region. The historic old town, Jose Marti Park with its unique triumphal arch built in honor of the country’s independence, the Moorish-style Valle Palace, the cathedral, and Cuba’s longest Prado promenade. You are heading to the resort of Ancon. Overnight at the hotel (all inclusive *).

Day 6
Breakfast. Trip to Trinidad. You visit the city museum, which shows life during the colonial period. At La Canchanchara Bar, you can sample a cocktail named after the locals of the same name. Reconstructed houses, majestic churches, narrow cobbled streets smell of the colonial period. You return to the resort of Ancon. Free time. Overnight at the hotel (all-inclusive).

Day 7
Breakfast. Great trip to the Topes de Collantes mountains. During a simple hike in the national park, you get to know the vegetation of the country. Lunch at a local restaurant. You return to Ancon in the afternoon. Overnight at the hotel (all-inclusive).

Day 8
Breakfast. You are going to Santa Clara. This city is also called the city of Ernest Chegevar, one of the Cuban heroes who fought alongside Fidel during the Castro Revolution. Explore the museum. In the afternoon, head to Varadero, the largest resort complex in the Caribbean. In the evening you arrive in Varadero. Overnight at the hotel (all-inclusive).

Days 9-11
Holidays in the resort of Varadero by the Atlantic Ocean. Most tourists come to the resort more than once. And coming back here for several reasons: the sun, the beautiful sandy beaches that stretch for as much as 20 km, the greenish-blue water of extraordinary transparency, and, of course, the hotels with the all-inclusive catering system. The hotel offers plenty of entertainment at the hotel, as well as excursions (diving, diving, fishing, golf, boat trips, dolphin watching, etc.) (at an additional cost). Overnight at the hotel (all-inclusive).

Day 12
You are going to Havana Airport. Flight: Havana – European city – Vilnius.

Day 13
You will fly back to Vilnius.

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