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We continue to Biržai. This city has been mentioned since 1450. Until the 19th century. Biržai belonged to the Radvila dukes at the beginning of the 17th century, therefore we will make the first stop in the city near the Radvilas in the 17th century a bastion fortress was built, which houses a large and rich museum. Here you will learn the whole history of Biržai region. After the tour of the history of Biržai, we will start the “Beer Road” tour. In one hall of the museum, you will see all the tools used for brewing. The museum guide will visually tell you all the subtleties of brewing. The folklore ensemble “Siaudela”, which will participate together, will sing Biržai songs about beer, shake, half horns and jump with you. You will have a great opportunity to taste Biržai beer, homemade bread and cheese, learn the Biržai beer anthem.

We continue our trip to Lake Širvėna, which is the oldest artificial lake in Lithuania, formed in 1575. You have the opportunity to walk the 525 m long pedestrian bridge over this lake. On the other side of the lake we will reach the manor of Counts Tiškevičiai, which Tiškevičiai bought in 1811. from the Radvils.

After inspecting the manor buildings and walking around the park, we will drive to the edge of the lake towards Rinkuškiai. We will visit the Rinkuškės brewery, which ranks 5th in terms of beer sales in Lithuania. Here we will visit the brewery, the professionals will show you and tell you how to make real Biržai beer, and then we will taste a special rich Biržiečių beer. Returning home.

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