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Molėtai. Molėtai is visited, as well as the European Geographical Center, which opened on May 1, 2004. In Molėtai, we visit the Observatory, where we get acquainted with Lithuanian and world astronomical news, telescopes, colorful photos of planets, stars, nebulae, clusters and galaxies. Sometimes it is possible to find an opportunity to look at celestial bodies and through a telescope. We visit the Museum of Ethnocosmology, where the exhibition corridors take you to the tower to see the picturesque surroundings from a bird’s eye view.

Anyksciai. It is the capital of Lithuanian literature. Interesting museums installed in the home of literary classics: A. Baranauskas barn, A.Vienuolis, J. Biliūnas memorial museum. We also visit the tallest church in Lithuania, the Museum of Stone Paintings, Visit the Puntukas Stone, Anykščiai Forest, the Light of Happiness, which, when touched, is said to bring happiness. And, of course, the Horse Museum.

Aukstaitija National Park. Palūšė church with an octagonal bell tower is visited, the ancient beekeeping museum in Stripeikiai village is one of the most interesting and most visited places in Aukštaitija National Park. The Ginučiai water mill is also visited. This mill is the only one of the six in the park that has preserved authentic equipment. A wonderful panorama opens from Ladakalnis, declared a geomorphological natural monument.

Birzai. This city has been mentioned since 1450. Visited by the Radvilas in the 17th century. built a bastion fortress, which houses a large and rich museum. Here you will learn the whole history of the Biržai region. Visit Širvėna Lake, which is the oldest artificial lake in Lithuania. On the other side of the lake stands the manor of Counts Tiškevičiai.

Pakruojis. You will get acquainted with the Pakruojis region and the largest manor complex in Lithuania and its history, you will see the only five-arched dolomite bridge in Lithuania and Europe.

Rokiškis. Visiting the Old Town of Rokiškis, which is the most expressive and valuable urban monument of the Classicist era in Lithuania. Visiting Rokiškis St. Matthew the Evangelist Church. Excursion to Rokiškis manor house. Since 1952, the manor house has housed the Rokiškis Regional Museum, which houses about 60 thousand. exhibits. The museum has a manor household, unique woodwork by L.Šepka, art expositions, etc.

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