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Anykščiai – baking bread

Anykščiai – baking bread

19€ per person

We are going to Niūronis (10.00).

In Aukštaitija homestead, we participate in an educational bread baking program (2.5 hours): we produce and observe how bread is made and baked, then we taste our own fresh bread and country fare. Various stories, events, and customs will be told all the time. We visit the Horse Museum.

Later we go to the Narrow Gauge Museum and see the exposition. We are going to Anykščiai – the capital of Lithuanian literature. We visit the tallest church in Lithuania. We drive to Anykščiai area near Puntukas stone, we will admire the natural monument, Anykščiai bush. We continue to Liudiškės, climb a high, steep hill surrounded by pine trees, on which is J. Biliūnas’ tomb – the light of happiness, which is said to bring happiness. In addition, while in the city, you can visit interesting museums in the House of Literary Classics: A. Baranauskas barn, A. Vienuolis memorial museum.

The group can choose the objects to visit at its own discretion.

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