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Anykščiai – a wine road

Anykščiai – a wine road

25€ per person

Departure is recommended at 7.00 from Vilnius.

We are coming to Anykščiai – the capital of Lithuanian literature. We visit interesting museums installed in the home of literary classics: A. Baranauskas barn, A. Vienienis memorial museum. We visit the tallest church in Lithuania, the museum of stone paintings, in Liudiškės we climb a high, steep hill surrounded by pine trees, where there is a tomb of J. Biliūnas – the light of happiness, which is said to bring happiness.
Next, we will visit the narrow-gauge railway in Lithuania and see the operating narrow-gauge railway station: an exhibition dedicated to the history of the narrow-gauge railway; we will learn how the narrow and wide railways differ; you will see a working steam locomotive model, if possible, you will ride a bicycle on the rails, a handcart and a motorcycle.

12 noon to 2 p.m. cognitive program “Wine Road in Lithuania”. The program consists of a tour of the winery and a tasting of “Anykščiai wine” products. In this program, the participants of the “Wine Road” see with their own eyes the transformation of a fruit or berry into wine and at the same time get acquainted with the change of Lithuanian wine traditions. During the tasting, the company’s specialists acquaint the visitors with the composition of the drinks, the peculiarities of aroma and taste, and the culture of tasting.

After the tasting, we go to the Horse Museum, at 2.30 pm in the ethnographic farmstead an educational bread baking program and a country feast (lunch-cold and hot dishes, bread ….) you will visit the Horse Museum, you can ride on request.

Leaving Vilnius, we visit the Puntukas stone.

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