Vildora is a highly regarded tourism experts with 26+ years of experience working with the global travel industry. Over the years of Vildora stays in market, we has established a vast network of travel-related business relationships around the world.

Vildora is also a Private Travel Designers company, designing unique, life-enriching travel experiences for clients to destinations around the globe.

Vildora providing all ground handling and full incoming services for business and leisure travelers to Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia.


Tickets – we will take care of your tickets;
Visa – we can arrange visa documents in many countries of the world;
Individual routes – we will create a personally suitable route for you;
Travel for groups – we will create a route or find a hotel for your group particularly;
Guided tours – we collaborate with professional guides, who are always ready to help you;
Travel Insurance – we can help to insure your trip, health or inventory;
Travel Installments – we will offer you the best travel option in installments.